What is Wells $treet? It’s Money with Attitude.

Welcome to Wells $treet, where Wall Street goes for happy hour.

This newsletter is for people who care about money.

And for anyone who could use a laugh.

On Wells $treet, you can take a break from watching stock charts, boosting your crypto margin account, and worrying about your fluctuating 401k to read business news reported in a refreshing new way. It's twisted, snarky, educational, occasionally inspirational, and often outrageous, just like the world of business itself.

I’ve spent decades in broadcast journalism as an on-air reporter, covering everything from major crimes to… goat yoga. For more than half that time, I’ve covered news from a financial angle for CNBC. Wells $treet gives me an opportunity to dig deeper into topics I care about.

One thing I’ve learned: All stories are money stories. When people say, “It’s not about the money,” they’re lying.

What will you find here? In-depth journalism, tales of unexpected entrepreneurs, unusual business trends, and a regular report — Dumb & Dumber — that proves rich people can be stupid, too. Like, stupid enough to buy Twitter.

About Jane Wells

I'm an award-winning broadcast journalist with decades of experience in the news media. I've covered everything from earthquakes to riots, from the O.J. Simpson murder case to Mother Teresa’s funeral, from the massacre at Columbine to the 2008 financial collapse. I've questioned CEOs about poor business decisions, posed as a prostitute for a story on AIDS, appeared in the “Seinfeld” finale, and even visited some professional “cuddlers” to see if the business was legit (it is).

I've also created a scripted comedy podcast called Top Story Tonight!which retells the stories of famous people and events in history as if today's dysfunctional media and social media existed during those eras. The two previous seasons cover the saga of The Mayflower and the story of Jesus. I'm currently working on Cleopatra, who changes her name to "Kleopatra" after breaking the internet as the original Kardashian.

I'm very excited about Wells $treet, and I encourage and welcome your feedback.

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Jane Wells

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